Roald Dahl's Marvellous Medicine by Tom Solomon

Award-winning science communicator Professor Tom Solomon examines Dahl’s interest in everything medical

Life After Encephalitis - A Narrative Approach by Dr Ava Easton

Life After Encephalitis provides a unique insight into the experiences of those affected by encephalitis

Brain on Fire - My Month of Madness by Susannah Cahalan

This is Susannah's story of her terrifying descent into madness and the desperate hunt for a diagnosis

Brain on Fire - My Month of Madness by Susannah Cahalan.

Read about Susannah's terrifying descent into madness and her desperate hunt for a diagnosis after being struck down with a mysterious illness. Despite dozens of tests and scans, baffled doctors concluded she should be confined in a psychiatric ward.  It is also the story of how one brilliant man, Dr Najjar, finally proved - using a simple pen and paper - that Susannah's psychotic behaviour was caused by a rare autoimmune disease attacking her brain. 

"Brain on Fire" film premiere took place at The Toronto International Film Festival on the 16 September 2016.  Buy your copy of Brain on Fire today.

We also continue to have in stock limited signed copies of Life After Encephalitis by Dr Ava Easton

Life After Encephalitis provides a unique insight into the experiences of those affected by encephalitis, sharing the rich, perceptive, and often powerful, narratives of survivors and family members. It shows how listening to patient and family narratives can help us to understand how they make sense of what has happened to them, and also help professionals better understand and engage with them in practice. The book will also be useful for considering narratives associated with brain injuries from other causes, for example traumatic brain injury.

Life After Encephalitis will appeal to a wide range of people: professionals working in neurology and rehabilitation, and also to and survivors of encephalitis, their families, and carers.

"This is an excellent book. I can't put it down.  

Thank you for pulling together these patient stories which are at once both ordinary and extraordinary.

I've no doubt of the importance of this work for medical professionals."

Dr Benedict Michael

NIHR Academic Clinical Lecturer, The Walton Centre NHS Foundation Trust, Liverpool

Centre for Immune and Inflammatory Disease, Harvard Medical School

Buy your signed limited edition signed copy for only £14.99, otherwise sales must be made through the publisher.

Also available is Roald Dahl's Marvellous Medicine by Tom Solomon - Most people know Roald Dahl as a famous writer of children’s books and adult short stories, but few are aware of his fascination with medicine. Right from his earliest days to the end of his life, Dahl was intrigued by what doctors do, and why they do it.

In this unique book, the award-winning science communicator Professor Tom Solomon, who looked after the nation’s favourite children’s author towards the end of his life, examines Dahl’s interest in everything medical. Taking examples from Dahl’s life, and illustrated with excerpts from his writing, the book uses Dahl as a starting point to explore some extraordinary areas of medical science. At the same time the book is peppered with anecdotes from Dahl’s late night hospital discussions with Solomon, which give new insights into this remarkable man’s thinking as his life came to an end.

Intimate and compelling, Roald Dahl’s Marvellous Medicine will fundamentally change your understanding of some of the best-loved stories of childhood.  Buy your copy today for £10.00

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